Gentle Mensch

mensch /men(t)SH/ A person of integrity and honor.

Gentle Mensch is a song I wrote in 2019. It was inspired by Leo, a friend who I shared many lunches with when I worked alongside him in a community Art Hive at Maimonides in Montreal. He always took the time to listen to others, and dispersed his worldly wisdom in small doses.

Leo passed away suddenly from surgical complications in 2020. I think of the wisdom he imparted often, and try to model his gentle way of being in the world. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to share the song with him before he passed away. I’m happy to have been able to share the song with family and friends of Leo’s and hope that they hear some of him in the song.

Leo Bottos (1948 – 2020)

Seeking Home (Vol 1) by Andy MacDonald

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