“Our century’s Tom Lehrer goes to Eddie Condon”

Jazz Lives USA

“MacDonald doesn’t attempt to emulate Django in this one, but he doesn’t have to; what he plays is delightful and original in its simpler way.”

ArtMusicLounge USA

“Exciting breath of fresh air in a genre that is often mired in traditionalism.”

Republic of Jazz Spain

“[…] some people cry, some vent, some drink. Montreal jazz guitarist Andy MacDonald went back to his first love, music.”

Ottawa Jazz Scene Canada

“A unique touch on the Django sound with exquisite, self-contained compositions.”

MVT Sweden

“Exceeding expectations.”

– Metro Review Sweden.

MacDonald contributed [the composition] “Enchanted Gardens”, which showed his strong jazz manouche influences, including Reinhardt successors like Bireli Lagrene and Adrien Moignard.” Canada

“Satisfying introduction to the [Django] idiom.”

– The WholeNote Toronto

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